07. Excess velocity of magnetic domain walls close to the depinning field

Nirvana Caballero, Iván Fernández Aguirre, Lucas J. Albornoz, Alejandro B. Kolton, Juan Carlos Rojas-Sánchez, Sophie Collin, Jean Marie George, Rebeca Diaz Pardo, Vincent Jeudy, Sebastian Bustingorry, and Javier Curiale


Magnetic field driven domain wall velocities in [Co/Ni] based multilayers thin films have been measured using polar magneto-optic Kerr effect microscopy. The low field results are shown to be consistent with the universal creep regime of domain wall motion, characterized by a stretched exponential growth of the velocity with the inverse of the applied field. Approaching the depinning field from below results in an unexpected excess velocity with respect to the creep law. We analyze these results using scaling theory to show that this speeding up of domain wall motion can be interpreted as due to the increase of the size of the deterministic relaxation close to the depinning transition. We propose a phenomenological model to accurately fit the observed excess velocity and to obtain characteristic values for the depinning field Hd, the depinning temperature Td, and the characteristic velocity scale v0 for each sample.