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Collective structures emerge in all systems of nature

Ferroelectric or ferromagnetic materials, cell membranes, individual cells, or even cell colonies are different at a microscopical level but still share very similar physical properties.

In inert systems like ferroelectrics and ferromagnets, the high-speed manipulation of these nanostructures is the prime factor for the development of the next generation of low-power functional devices for computation and communication. In living systems, the emergence of interfaces as a result of collective organization has proven to be crucial for their basic functioning.


Tailoring and controlling these emergent structures is thus crucial for the development of technological applications triggering societal progress.


Controlling interfaces is difficult since, paradoxically, an inherent feature of collective organization is disorder.

to discover how, from different perspectives, in big and small teams, or by myself, I am working towards developing models and theoretical approaches to better understand the effects of disorder in Nature.

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