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January, 2024

Geneva, Switzerland


Magic of Disorder and Correlations

We are delighted to share the success of our recent international conference, made possible by multiple grants. The event featured 17 renowned speakers including a recent Nobel Prize in Physics and 130 participants.

January, 2024

Geneva, Switzerland

Conference Chair

Magic of Disorder and Correlations Conference

I had the best co-organizers to put toghether an unprecedent conference, including Dima Abanin (Princeton), Eugene Demler (ETH Zurich), Antoine Gorges (Collège de France; Ecole Polytechnique; Flatiron Institute; UNIGE), Christophe Berthod (UNIGE) and an incredible local organizng committee.

My baby was born



Maternity Leave

I will be taking care of a beautiful little angel


July, 2023



Stabilization of microdomains through matter exchange

Our paper was highlighted!

July, 2023

American Physical Society

New paper

Phase separation on surfaces in the presence of matter exchange

Our paper is now online! In our recent study, we delved into the captivating patterns found on cell membranes and their significance.

June, 2023


New membership

Réseau romand de mentoring pour femmes

I am honored to be one of the 24 candidates selected every two years to join this amazing network. I'm eagerly looking forward to contributing to and benefiting from this exceptional opportunity.


April, 2023

Rome, Italy


Interdisciplinary challenges: from non-equilibrium physics to life sciences

A unique opportunity for early-career reserachers to discuss our work and future directions


Unconventional news


One of my most wanted hugs!!! Beyond than happy


March, 2023

Tel Aviv, Israel


International Meeting on Ferroelectrics

Excited to have the opportunity to present my work at such amazing event! I'm thankful to all the communities that understand and value interdisciplinarity!

December, 2022

Grenoble, France


Université Grenoble Alpes

Excited to have been presented my latest work at the Journées du GDR IDE "Interaction Désordre Élasticité"


November, 2022

Paris, France


École normale supérieure de Paris

Beyond than happy to have been invited to discuss current and future projects. I'm looking forward to my next visit!


October 20th, 2022

Geneva, Switzerland


Association of Postdocs of the University of Geneva

Honoured and excited to have been elected to continue in my role as president of the Postdoc Association!

October, 2022

Paris, France


École normale supérieure de Paris

I visited ENS, worked with amazing people and discussed with Kardar and Parisi (almost KPZ). Finished with two days celebrating Parisi's work!

October 4th, 2022

Geneva, Switzerland

Invited Talk

Forum DQMP

I presented some of our latest results in the theory development to understand the physics of interfaces beyond the elastic limit. Please, stay tuned! I'll release these results soon!

August 29th- September 2nd, 2022

Debrecen, Hungary


Avalanche 2022

It has been a pleasure to discuss my work at the 2022 Avalanche biannual conference. There are not many opportunities like this, where theorists and experimentalists converge in a quite unique and friendly space. Very happy of having participated! Thanks to all the atendants (specially those that atended in person). It was great talking to you!.

July 25th to August 19th 2022

Stockholm, Sweeden

Participant and presenter

Nordita program

An excellent opportunity to discuss the current development of theoretical physics with the most prominent researchers in the physics of life sciences. Extremely excited to have presented my work on how I am developing Statistical Mechanics tools to understand the physics of biological systems.

June 28-29, 2022

Galway, Ireland

Co-organizer and chair

ECR Grant Writing and Career Development Bootcamp​

Pursuing an academic career presents challenges in different dimensions (leadership, collaboration, coproduction, etc). With the support and participation of professors at diverse career stages, I co-organized a workshop to discuss the many aspects of career development for early career researchers. Excited about how well received by the participants it was!

June 21th, 2022

France (Webinar)

Invited talk

GDR Interaction, Elasticité, Désordre (IDE)

With an innovative format aimed at fostering discussions between theorists and experimentalists, I was invited to present the theoretical approaches I am developing to understand the physics of domain walls in thin ferromagnetic films. I am grateful for the opportunity!


June, 2022

Coffee time at École de physique


Jean-Pierre Eckmann's 50th anniversary at UNIGE

Science is a collective construction. I have the honour of learning about it with the best possible mentors. Here is an interview with one of them, Prof. Jean-Pierre Eckmann.

June 9th, 2022

Faculty of Science, University of Geneva, Switzerland


PostDoc Day 2022

With the Postdoc Association of the University of Geneva, we organized the PostDoc day 2022 in person. With three keynote speakers, postdoc talks, a career session, and the enthusiastic participation of our colleagues we had a great event!.

June 7th, 2022

University of Geneva, Switzerland


Tremplin Ceremony

I received the Tremplin prize, and had the opportunity to explain the goals of my research to a broad audience. I am extremelly greatful for this recognition!


May 26th, 2022

Bariloche, online

Invited seminar

Bariloche Atomic Centre

It is always a pleasure for me to discuss my work with my Argentinian colleagues. I am grateful for the invitation!


May, 2022




The physical principles underlying pattern formation in biological cellular membranes are still not fully understood. To identify the minimal physical ingredients that a cellular membrane can use to regulate its patterns, we model it as a surface. We discover that only by considering matter exchange between this surface and its bulk environment, a complex patterned composition emerges. We show that typical domain length scales depend on the matter exchange rates. Bio-inspired, with applications well beyond it. An amazing collaboration between myself, Karsten Kruse, and Thierry Giamarchi.

May, 2022

University of Geneva


Tremplin Laureate

I’m honored for receiving this award. Extremely grateful to the University of Geneva for this support and recognition!

April, 2022

London, UK

Committee Meeting

IOP Biological Physics

First in person committee meeting for some of us. It was great to see you!!!

April 26th, 2022

Edinburgh, UK

Invited lecture

Physics of Life Summer School 2022

Delighted to visit the University of Edinburgh and the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, invited to talk about how I’m using statistical mechanics tools to decode interactions in collective cell migration at the Physics of Life Summer School!

April 25th, 2022

American Physical Society

New paper

Physical Review E

My latest accepted paper is now online! We show why an interface at equilibrium can display large roughness exponents

April 22th, 2022

University of Zurich


Annual Meeting Life Sciences Switzerland

Delighted to discuss our recently developed hydrodynamic theory with the Life Sciences Swiss community!

March 3rd, 2022


Invited seminar

Forum de Physique Statistique à l'École Normale Supérieure

With great pleasure (and a lot of questions :)), I presented my work "From bulk descriptions to emergent interfaces" at ENS Paris. Such an exciting visit!.

December 20th, 2021

Institute of Physics

IOP Biological Physics Committee

Tom Duke Prize for Prof. Pietro Cicuta (Cambridge)

With great pleasure, we awarded Prof. Pietro Cicuta (University of Cambridge) the Tom Duke biannual prize. He was chosen as an ambassador to represent the importance of physics in addressing biological questions. Congratulations Pietro!

December 14th, 2021

American Institute of Physics

Featured article, Cover article

Roughness in ferroelectric thin-films

I prepared a ferro-cake… now on the cover of Applied Physics Letters!I invite you to check our featured article showing how ferroelectric domain walls progressively roughen when driven from planar electrodes

December 8th, 2021

United Kingdom

Co-organizer and chair

Early Career research in Biological Physics

I co-organized the Annual meeting for Early career researchers in Biological Physics of the Institute of Physics. There were amazing presentations by early career researchers and fruitful discussions!.

November 30th, 2021

American Institute of Physics

Featured article

Applied Physics Letters

Excited to share that today the APL Editors informed us they find our article "is one of the journal's best", and have chosen to promote it as a Featured Article! It will appear on the 13th of December, 2021 issue (In the meantime, you are welcome to read it on Arxiv).

November 17th, 2021


New preprint

Microscopic interplay of temperature and disorder of a 1D elastic interface, by N. Caballero et al

We numerically unveil a new power law that emerges at intermediate scales above the thermal regime and below the KPZ one. We show that its exponent is below 1, contrarily to available analytical predictions.

November 3th, 2021

United Kingdom

1st meeting

IOP Biological Physics Group Committee

I enjoyed so much the welcome meeting! It will be great to organize activities with the remarkable scientists of this commitee. It is an honor to be part of it.

November 3th, 2021


Invited Talk

TheBionet - Theoretical Biology Network in Western Switzerland

Thanks for the invitation to present my work at TheBioNet, a great initiative to connect Theoretical Biologist working in western Switzerland.

November 2th, 2021

American Institute of Physics

New paper

Dynamic response and roughening of ferroelectric domain walls driven at planar electrode edges

Our paper was just accepted in Applied Physics Letters

October, 2021

Paris, France


École Normale Supérieure de Paris

It is always a pleassure to discuss with such exceptional scientists!


October 5th, 2021

Complex Physics in 2 min

New Blog post

Complex systems: Nobel Prize in Physics 2021

#ComplexPhysics in the spotlight: I celebrate that the importance of this vision of the world has been highlighted through a Nobel Prize in Physics this year. Congratulations to Giorgio Parisi, Syukuro Manabe, and Klaus Hasselman!

September 30th, 2021


PostDoc life

Mentoring program

With our association of Postdoctoral Researchers of the University of Geneva (APDU) we are coordinating a Mentoring program with the University of Geneva.

September 21th, 2021

United Kingdom

Early-Carrer member

IOP Biological Physics Group Committee

I am grateful to the IOP members that elected me to integrate the Committee as an early-career member for the next four years. I am honoured and looking forward to taking this role.

September 18th, 2021

Sissa, IOP Oublishing

New paper

Degradation of domains with sequential field application, by N. Caballero

My single-author paper was accepted for publication in the Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment (JSTAT). I explain, in simple terms, recent experimental results which appeared very difficult to elucidate.

September 14th, 2021

United Kingdom

Contributed Talk

The Materials and Molecular Modelling Hub++

Talk title: High-performance computing and disordered elastic systems theory as a framework to study collective cell migration.

September 6th, 2021

Spetses, Greece

Invited speaker and chair

News from disordered systems

Talk title: From bulk descriptions to emergent interfaces

September 1st, 2021

Les Diablerets, Switzerland

Contributed Talk and Jury Member

Quantum Matter Agora 2021

Talk title: Domain Walls in Ferroic Materials: A Statistical Physics Approach to Predicting the Static and Dynamic Behavior of Interfaces. The session called "Domain walls" was chaired by T. Giamarchi, and the speakers were P. Paruch and me. I was also a member of the jury to select the best poster presentation of the conference.

July 26th, 2021

University of Oxford and Institute of Physics, UK


Physics meets biology

Talk Title: High-performance computing and disordered elastic systems theory as a framework to study collective cell migration. Highlighted in the IOP Biological Physics Newsletter by Prof. Mark Leake

July 2nd, 2021

Argentina (Online)


Workshop in Statistical Physics and its applications to condensed matter physics

Talk title: Interfaces beyond the elastic approximation

June 14th, 2021

Geneva, Switzerland

Event - First Edition

Leader women in science share their stories

I organized and chaired the first edition of "Leader Women in Science share their stories" with our invited speaker Prof. Paruch

June, 2021

Brittany, France

Beg Rohu Summer School

Statistical Mechanics and emergent phenomena in Biology

I participated of the Beg Rohu Summer School "Statistical Mechanics and emergent phenomena in Biology".

May 27th, 2021

Geneva, Switzerland

Scientific event

PostDoc Day 2021

I am co-organizing the PostDoc Day 2021 of the University of Geneva

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