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My main interests cover formal and informal aspects of science and education, as described below.

My main interests cover:

Scientific research

I am a highly independent researcher with the ability to work in big and small teams, or by myself, integrating different techniques with a transdisciplinary approach. My research is goal-oriented instead of technique-oriented. I enjoy collaborating with researchers of diverse backgrounds.

Formal Teaching

I am a highly motivated teacher. I always design new learning strategies to promote student participation. I also enjoy designing new problems to emphasize the important concepts of the course I am teaching.

Informal education

I organized and provided several non-profit lessons in Physics and Mathematics to students in all levels of education: middle, high-school level students, undergraduate, graduate students, and adults.

Organization of informal education events

I organized clubs, tutorials, study groups, after-school support, university support for people in the whole age-range. I have a particular interest in the organization of such events for underprivileged groups of people.

Organization of Scientific events

I enjoy organizing different kinds of activities to promote excellence in science and education. I organized scientific events for researchers, students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and the general public.

Cultural Events

I usually combine the organization of scientific events with cultural events to promote networking and interactions between participants. I also enjoy organizing cultural events to promote the integration of people and groups. Some of my most enriching research experiences are the result of informal meetings.

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