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Outreach & Leadership

The world needs solutions and excellent science can solve problems.

Prof. Patrycja Paruch

Department of Quantum Matter Physics

Leader Women
in Science

Share their stories


June 14, 14:00 online

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Nowadays, the value of women leaders is widely recognized in the business sector [1], and this trend is also being considered in other areas (see for example the initiatives at local and international levels to support women in science [2]). However, for historical and socio-cultural reasons most leadership positions are occupied by men and the scientific community is not an exception [3].
With this series of talks, I want to open the discussion to try to find solutions to this problem together. By starting the meeting with the exposition of a leading female researcher, I would like to promote a dialogue to share different experiences and learn from those who succeed in this path.

The first edition was held online but I hope to organize the next ones in person. Please do not hesitate to send me your proposals to invite other leader women that can be inspiring role models to promote women in science.

[1] McKinsey & Company Report: Diversity wins: How inclusion matters. A report about how companies with gender diversity on executive teams are more likely to have above-average profitability.   

[2] Unesco initiatives for women and girls in science.
[3] Swissinfo newspaper report based on data provided by the European Comission Report She Figures 2018.


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f you would like to support one or more of these events, please contact me and I will be happy to present several sponsorship options to you. Is the support of the University of Geneva, Private Companies, Public Organisms and Individuals that make our events possible.

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